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ALShrive's List

So we now have a Codex and it means i can start working accurately towards a list. Below is the provisional army list i am going to be attempting. I am very aware that it is useless in Gaming Terms but I am approaching this more as a modelling project so hopefully this will keep me entertained. If anybody has any suggestions please feel free to comment and pass them on, it will all be very much appreciated! so without procrastinating any further, let me present to you my list with some reasoning behind each choice;

Festerlord Fluxrot (Typhus) 230
Ok, basically i have chosen Typhus because he is awesome! I love the model and his rules fit the character of the force i wanted to achieve perfectly!

Sorcerer "Maggotspore" 135 Purchased, Built, Based, Awaiting Undercoat
- Mastery Level 2
- Mark of Nurgle
- Spell Familiar
- Aura of Dark Majesty
- Veterans of the Long War
I have included a second sorcerer- i know this is a lot of Points sunk into HQ but i have cut him back- he originally had a Palanquin! i am think about running him with 1 Nurgle and 1 Biomancy power to complement Typhus 2 Nurgle Powers.

7 Plague Marines "Fleshspite" 236 Purchased 3 x Forgeworld Nurgle Conversion Kits
- 2 Plasmaguns
- Champion; Powerfist, Combi Bolter & Gift of Mutation
Designed as a Heavy Infantry Killer unit.

7 Plague Marines 198 See Above
- 2 Meltaguns
- Champion; Gift of Mutation
another squad of plague marines, this time with melta for added punch

14 Cultists "Sect Lymphus" 87 Purchased, Built, Based, Undercoated, Half Painted
- Autogun
- Heavy Stubber
-Champion; Shotgun
i wanted to include some none zombie cultists to hold objectives- toyed with Mark of Nurgle but it just makes them soo expensive. 14 because it is 2 x 7- nurgles number.

28 Cultists 132
- Plague Zombies
took Typhus, really had to include some. debating splitting them in to 2 units of 14 to force opponent to split fire.

5 Warp Talons 180 Purchased (will be using spare FW Death Guard Bodies to Nurglify these!)
- Mark of Nurgle
The one unit that rather annoyingly i can't make in to Nurgles Number without dropping wargear etc elsewhere. taken because they are cool and potentially devastating against lower I armies

Heldrake "Viriluthrax" 170
- Baleflamer
Needed some anti-air which will be provided by Vector Strike. Baleflamer because i imagine it vomiting toxins over the enemy as opposed to spitting lead.

7 Havocs  172
- Mark of Nurgle
- 4 Autocannons
-Champion; Gift of Mutation
Dropped a unit of Plague Marines to take this static unit to increase the volume of fire the force can kick out. 

Forgefiend "Festerheart" 200
- 2 Hades Autocannon
- Additional Ectoplasma Cannon
needed a big monster and this should provide enough support for the infantry. Mass shots to mow through infantry and light vehicles, took the Additional Cannon just to provide a bit more ooomph!!

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