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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

THE DROP POD HAS LANDED: fuzz's first 350 points done!

and when i say done i mean done. and that i may or may not do a little touchup work on the libby later!

*PWHOOOSH. KA KLUNK *drop pod noises*
this is exactly 350 pts and ill have more photos soon. until then:

adopted ultra deathwatch.


libby (needs a bit of tidying up but for now he is done!)
small sword syndrome.
 so WOOOOOOOOO just on time and im now like 2nd i think?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weekend over

I know i'm finished for the month, but figured i'd share what i've been working on this weekend.

My Dragons flying base....

 I know no one at To6G is being Blood Angels, but i had the piece left lying around.

I also built, magnetised and sprayed the dragon himself ready for painting! And my Rhino parts all finally arrived, and i got him built as well.

Which means I have everything i want to paint in November built and sprayed and ready to go! Good thing too cos Halo 4 is like 9 days away

Wolfie's been Painting!

Well finally getting around to painting here is the proof (that and that I can't paint):

Warboss Rotgut:
He is going to led the boyz to victory, with his fabled golden klaw of destiny.


and 1/2 a stormboyz squad to make up the quota

In December I should be getting a new phone with a better camera...

and the family photo:

3rd list in one month

Well now that the builders have left I can get to my boyz and write another list. The idea is to create a list that I can play with my existing stuff be they built or in boxes to minimise the cost as my BoLSConTo4g fund became my gearbox fund instead either way new list:

HQ - Warboss Rotgut - 125pts
Power Klaw, Twin linked Shooter, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, 'Evay Armour, Boss Pole

Troop - Nobz - 360pts
Shoota-Rokkit Combi, Waagh! Banner, 2x Power Klaw, 2x Big Choppa, 'Eavy  Armour, Pain Boy, Cyborks, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Rokkit Launcha
This is my points sink, hopefully over Christmas I can get different units to replace this one.

4x Troop - Boyz - 162pts
Nob with Power Klaw 'Eavy Armour, Boss Pole, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Rokkit Launcha

Fast - Stormboyz -165pts
Nob with Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour, Boss Pole

Fast - Bikerz - 190pts
Nob with Power Klaw, Boss Pole

Fast - Dakka Jet - 135pts
Fighta Ace, Red Paint Job, Extra Twin Linked Supa Shoota

Heavy - Killa Kans - 150pts
Grotzooka, Rokkit Launcha, Kustom Megablasta

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The End is Nigh

Hello All! hope this weekend weekend is keeping you all well! I have now finished my points for the month (after painting time this afternoon) and thought i best get some pictures uploaded! Most of these were taken yesterday evening before i got them finished but i wanted to share anyway, so enjoy!

Plague Marine Squad 1 (lacking weapons have since been added)

Cultists (have since finished the Ogryn and the back row today- will get updated pictures up soon)

Converted Cultist Champion converted with Nurgles blessing (Sculpted stomach, replaced head and sword)

Right now I have decided that for my 5 objective markers that I will be modelling each of them after the armies of my fellow competitors. First up to receive this honour is DrLove42 so allow me to present my first diorama objective marker based off of the Word Bearers, tentatively entitled "The Bearer of the Word"

"The Bearer of the Word"

A shot of the last 2 side by side.
 And finally just some nice random shots that i have taken........
one of the many "piles of delight" that one might find in my hobby chamber

this is the window-sill, complete with Back-Up Painting Station, most of a Necron Army and more!

Anyway that is me done for the day, thanks for looking!
I think this makes my thumb look abnormally long...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DrLove42 is in the lead

I have just awarded DrLove42 his 3 points for this months painting, putting him well and truly in the lead......... I may be starting to worry now.

October - DONE

So the month of October has a week left, but I have achieved my points quota painted for the month!

Cultists - 12 Guys, 2 Guns, 1 Flamer - 65pts

Forgefiend - 175pts

Chaos Space Marines - 110pts (75 for 5, Plus 10 points VotLW, 25 point Banner)

Total -350pts.

And theres still a week to go! Started on the Aspiring Champion model for this squad, and started building the HellDrake. With a bit of free time this weekend I may also start building the Rhino

Scoring Update

Fuzzbuket and DrLove42 have both been awarded 2 points for completing their builds for the month! will they also get the painting points?!?!?!

I will be getting pictures of my stuff up soon so i can justify giving myself some points!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

fuzz has completed this months build quota! yay!

yay indeed, my set of DV came through the post and ive quickly converted the libby so now i have 350pts built!

command squad (155ish)
libby( 150ish)

also i reckon i should hopefully get the libby painted within the week! (sadly the cold weather is not liking the airbrush :(    )
(none of the CS are airbrushed though)

-fuzz :D

edit: dammit i missed the logo on the backpack. thatll get killed soon.

Fluff (edited and made less crap!)

So my fluff is back. And hopefully its better English than it was yesterday. Its probably crap and open to being mutilated by people, but i figured it was something

Fluff - The Fall of Rukt

Many trade routes fuel the Imperium, allowing easy access through regions of space often plagued by warp storms and pirates. These routes allow the ships of the imperium to move with less worry from these threats, concentrating instead on the tricky business of warp travel. These interstellar paths frequented by ships of all sizes, from Rogue Traders and small merchant ships to the giant black ships of the Astropaths, battle barges of the Adeptus Astartes and the behemothic battle fleets of the Imperial Navy.

Planetary systems lining these trade routes often form vital parts of this process. Some grow with trade, providing fuel and repairs to the passing ships, producing supplies for hungry crew. Some act as military strongpoints reinforcing the line, protecting the ships from the threats of a universe that would like nothing more than to see them dead.

The Rukt system has the benefit of being large enough to be both, and so much more besides. At a narrow choke point of open space between 2 large warp rifts, the system is a vital route that can save vessels many months of travel around, or an incredibly dangerous flight through the storm. 11 planets orbit the large orange star at the heart of the system, with several planets in the hospitable zone, capable of naturally sustaining human life. The capital planets of Rukt Primaris and Rukt Secondus, the 3rd and 4th planets, orbit at the same distance from the star in the heart of their system, but 180 degrees out of sync, but their distance gives them all round temperate climates. This allowed them to grow into well developed Agri worlds, providing food and supplies for several systems. Each have a population of over 11 billion people, but with the great value in the system a heavy class war grudge has long existed, due to the large number of oppressed farmers. Rukt II orbits in the inhospitable inner orbit of the capital worlds, but is of no less strategic importance.

The world of Rukt II is a Forge World of the Adeptus Mechanicus.   

The importance of the supplies and the mechanical knowledge that the system holds gives reasonthat the planets of both Rukt VI and VIII maintain large fleets of the Imperial Navy and even acts as a permanent berth for a battle barge of the Sons of Midnight  Marine Chapterchapter.

It was this system that felt the hammer blow of Chaos in the early 39th Millenium. The reasons that the insidious force of Chaos chose this system were known only to select members of the Inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus. An ancient device below the surface of Rukt II kept the warp rifts at bay and held the passage through the storms open. This device is why the system remains open as a trade route, without it the narrow passage through the rift would close and doom many. Over the last few hundred years the warp storms orbiting the system have increased in ferocity, touching the minds of many a mortal in the system, opening them to the ideals of chaos and the powers of the warp. Denied many souls of those who should have been lost, the chaos gods grew restless and promised power to those who could answer their call and destroy the calm of the system. Their calls were answered by 3 different ruinous powers.

Many Dark Apostles of the Word Bearers chapter used a particularly violent storm in M39.441 to secret themselves onto the planets and into the hive cities and farming hab blocks of the habited worlds. Word spread amongst the indentured worked. Discontent turned to unrest, unrest turned to outrage, outrage turned to open protest against the government and by the time the ships of the Word Bearers, Death Guard and The Reapers broke out of warp space into the system the planetary governors and upper classes, were swinging from their entrails from the highest spires of the cities, chaos insignias emblazoned on their foreheads as a sacrifice to the chaos gods.

The chaos fleet was spearheaded by the battleship Ascendant Fury, a veteran battleship of the Word Bearers in service since the Heresy. It and its heavy escorts made their full speed toward the orbital ship platforms platforms of Rukt VIII where the Imperial Navy was rapidly scrambling troop ships to deal with the uprising on the habited inner planets. The force of the Chaos attack smashed the platform apart, its antigrav engines failing it as it plummeted down onto the planet, itself sparsely populated due to the very high oxygen content in the atmosphere, with all remaining 25,000 hands on board, along with 2 Imperial cruisers still tied alongside and their crew. The resultant nuclear detonation as the burning wrecks hit the ground ignited the atmosphere, immolating all on the planet’s surface.

To assault the Forge World with their current strength would be suicide, and they needed extra boons from the gods to make their final assault. Thus it was the forces of Chaos made planetfall on the capital worlds, hoping to reap enough destruction and bloodshed, so as to curry the favour of their dark powers and to lend them the unlimited power of the warp in the assault on Rukt II.

The marines of the Sons of Midnight were amongst the first to make planetfall after the true threat of cChaos had revealed itself. Heavily depleted from recent engagements with the Orks, the remaining 52 battle brothers from the 4th company still managed to overwhelm the cultist occupied Hive City of Kurst and the attached military installations. Using this as a base of operation, they were able to temporarilly drive back the chaos fleet long enough with the heavy weapon platforms in the crust of the planet for the troops ships of the Imperial Guard Ruktonian 237th to make landfall all over the planet. However the first brutal counter attack by the forces of chaos recaptured the military positions, slaughtering the Sons of Midnights 4th Company to the last man. However the marines play had favoured and concealed the true nature of the planetary defence. An inquisitor lord, protected from chaos by the diversionary sacrifice of the Adeptus Astartes managed to pass a message out system, revealing the true threat that the force of chaos posed to the system, and the rest of the Imperium.

The call for aid so grave, and placed by such a high member of the inquisition attracted the attention of not one, but two chapters of the Emperors marines. It wasn’t long before the skies of the systems planets were streaked with fire, some the drop pods of the Dark Angels and Imperial Fists, others the flaming descent of ships lost in the orbital battle.

However, the unseen consequence of the arms race occurring in system was that it drew wider attention. The Orks, so recently battled by the now deceased Sons of Midnight, were still prowling for “anuvva good fight with da giant blue guyz” and were drawn to the system by the need for a good Waagh.

The Word Bearers travelled from Hive city to Hab block, swelling their number with cultists beyond measure and were met in battle with a sea of members of Rukt’s lowest classes on their front line.

The Death Guard, lead by Typhus, worked on a similar principle, however wherever he went the force swelled with the recently dead of Grandfather Nurgle’s latest gift spread amongst the populace.

However the forces of chaos are fickle, and any alliances between them were temporary. After all there was only 1 prize on offer, and a prize shared was less attractive than one to themselves.

The battle lines were drawn. The system shook with the war call of so many warriors. The very ground beneath their feet twisted with the forces of chaos and shook with footfall and tank tread.


Winter is a difficult time to paint in the UK. Sure you spend less time outside than usual, but the poor light and crap weather means that its hard to spray, hard to paint and hard to get good photos of my progress.

So with that in mind, we enter the season of crap photos.

I also posted some fluff yesterday for our battle and my chapter and stuff. But it was crap so deleted it quickly. Will try to tidy it up and re post it eventually

Monday, 22 October 2012

Time for some Tweaks

So after a weekend painting and talking about the army I have made some slight tweaks and changes.
To see the full list view my page but here is a quick summary;
  • Dropped one unit of Plague Marines and replaced them with a unit of 7 Mark of Nurgle Havocs with 4 Autocannons.
  • Using spare points (Havocs were cheaper and dropped a few other superfluous upgrades) I have upgraded each Aspiring Champion in the force to have Gift of Mutation
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY I gave the Cultist Champion a Shotgun.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

An Epidemic

Ok so i have spent an afternoon working on my first actual unit of Death Guard and chatting with The Agent. Must say that having someone to talk to made the whole process a lot more enjoyable and a lot more productive actually! These guys are still nowhere near finished but i thought you guys might appreciate some work in progress shots so here we go....

Friday, 19 October 2012

Doc Oct Mid Report

So got another week or so left in October.

Have my 3-400 points for the month drawn up;

10 Cultists - 50pts.
Forgefiend - 175pts.
5 CSM - 75pts
Total of 300 points
So i'm only just making quota this month but its been a busy and crazy month with little time to paint.

Of these 3 things, all are now built and are in various stages of painting

The Cultists for the month - Finished!

The Forgefiend - In progress!

And the CSM - All built, 2 started painting to work out colour scheme.

 So hopefully with some time over this weekend (assuming I can stay away from XCOM long enough) some more should be finished, and all done by the end of the month

In November I aim to paint my Warlord (Apostle - 105pts), the rest of the chaos marines (95pts) and my dragon (170pts) giving me my 370 points for the month. And since November is going to be dominated by Halo4 for me, keeping the model count down will help me reach the goal

In December I aim to do the Rhino (35pts), the rest of the CCW cultists (82pts), defence line and gun (100pts) and the Slaughterfiend (125pts). Giving me 342 in December. (I have lots of time off in December thanks to work).

In January i aim to buy a Battleforce box. Gving me my other squad of CSM (170pts), a unit of Bikers (100pts) and more cultists (???)

This leaves me in February to do the Obliterators, any remaingin cultists and whatever the leftover points go on.

This is only a rough plan, so may change. But hopefully its a good guide for what I intend on doing

Scoring Update!

The Agent has demonstrated that he has got more than enough built for the month and as such has been awarded his 2 points for building for the month!
Edit: he has also built and painted his warlord so a bonus point goes to The Agent too!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Hello everyone, Agent here

I have some progress on my first month's painting stuffs!!
I have gone for 2x 10 man Tactical Squads and Master Jaime

Here are the pictures!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wolfie's list now fixed and is the right points

Thanks to Fuzz for the title ;)
Well it looks like my list was slightly illegal so with thanks to ALShrive I present the improved list:

Big Mek (Bodgit) - 115
 -Kustom Force Field, 'Eavy Armour, PKlaw

Big Mek (Skarpa) - 100
 -Shokk Attack Gun, 'Eavy Armour

12 Burna Boyz - 220
 -Mek (Kustom Mega Blasta), Trukk (Red Paint Job)

20 Shoota Boyz - 175
 -2 Big Shootas, Nob (PKlaw, Boss Pole, 'Eavy Armour)

2 x 12 Boyz - 157
 -Nob (PKlaw, Boss Pole, 'Eavy Armour), Trukk (Red Paint Job)

20 Grotz - 80
 -2 Runtherds

2x Deff Dread - 105
 -2 additional CCW (1 is counts as troops)

3 Killa Kans - 150
 -3x Rokkit Launcha

3 Killa Kans - 135
 -3x Grotzookas

Dakka Jet - 135
 -Fighta Ace, Additional Supa Shoota, Red Paint Job

Aegis Line - 100

Total: 1734pts

The theme of a pair of Meks runs throughout.
For the Aegis I am going to be using the Ork Barricades and the Flakk Cannon for the quadgun from Forgeworld.

The extra 16pts will probably going on more Shootas!

fuzz's list is now fixed and is the right points

dammit with the descriptive titles :P

Here is my list

HQ- captain  -170pts 
-artificer armour, grenade launcher,relic blade,storm shield
-this seemed cool and the GL seems like a really powerful bit of kit!

HQ- command squad - 155 PTS
-standard bearer, company champion, meltagun, medic.
-first unit thats 99% done. built befor i made the list.

HQ- librarian -150pts 
-yes like the rest of the people here im using DV cause its cheap and looks fantastic!

ELITES- terminator squad -245pts
-assault cannon, 3 chainfists
-i like termies and DV

ELites: ven  dreadnought - 175pts

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-plasma pistol, gun and cannon. comes with a teleport homer

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-fist, meltagun, missle launcher
-i suppose i need 2 troops choices...

FAST-3 bikes -115pts
-pew pew pew pew pew
Fast: P:attack bike: 50 pts
multi melta  
HEAVY- preadator -85pts
heavy bolter sponsons.
-dakka dakka dakka. 
HEavy : preadator
 heavy bolter sponsons: 85 pts 

-TRANSPORT- Drop pod (locator beacon) -45pts (command squad)
-TRANSPORT - drop pod -35pts dread)
------------1740 PTS:-------
and thats it!
: notes
added dread
swapped a vindi for a dakka pred
added attack bike

I decided that due  prevelance of infantry and light transport and the fact that this is a mid range army that some dakka preds would be better than a vindi, i added a dread to increase the cvolume of dakka abd the attack biuke is to fill points and suicide tank hunt :D
So thats it  i reckon, i may need some more troops, so id swap a dread for a sternguard and the captain for kantor.

Monday, 15 October 2012

After the first game....list changes

So I had my first game with my list on Friday.

Cultists - alright, didn't do much. Hosed down some Orks, held their objectives
Oblits - Good job, but deployed them wrong. Never saw much action
Marines - The front squad (with MoK) did awesome in combat. As it was 1850 they all had 2 CCW's. Got charged by 20 Orks, killed all but 2
Forgefiends - Dakka One did pretty well, plasma one didn't.
Apostle - I forgot half his rules, and he never did much anyway

A few things I think i'll be changing

- Losing the Warpsmith. He was less than impressive. There are better things to spend 100 on.
- Plasma Cannon Fiend is gone. Going to try the CC one
- Going to give me about 180 points to spend - Squad of bikers, mix up the marine squads, give them 2 CCWs

Orks:The Gathering

After a lovely weekend away, I had some time to think about my list and after playing around with Battlescribe and then getting home and reading my codex I have decided on the following list, though I still have 250 points to play with which I am undecided about.

Big Mek Bodgit n' Scarpa - 115pts
-'eavy armour
-Power Klaw
-Kustom Force Field
I love Killa Kans and the thought of fielding a mob of walkers was too much to take, with Bodgit I can also take Deff Dreads as Troops

11 Boyz + Nob + Trukk - 157pts
-'eavy armour
- Boss Pole
- Power Klaw
- Red Paint Job

11 Boyz + Nob + Trukk - 157pts
-'eavy armour
- Boss Pole
- Power Klaw
- Red Paint Job

11 Boyz + Nob + Trukk - 157pts
-'eavy armour
- Boss Pole
- Power Klaw
- Red Paint Job

The core of any ork army should be boyz and the red trukk will get them into combat quicker. A bit boring to replicate the same choice 3 times but I think it is such a great combo

Deff Dread -  105pts
-Additional CCW
-Kustom Mega Blasta

Deff Dread -  105pts
-Additional CCW
-Kustom Mega Blasta

I've always loved the little brothers so I thought I would roll with 2 of these and see what happens.

9 Stormboyz + Nob - 165pts
-'eavy armour
- Boss Pole
- Power Klaw

Stormboyz are the most amount of random I've allowed myself in the list. I love the models and as jump infantry get bonuses in combat.

5 Warbikers + Nob - 190pts

- Boss Pole
- Power Klaw

Again I love these models and the idea of them driving around like nutters on big hogs fills me with joy

3 Killa Kans - 105pts
- Grotzooka
- Kustom Mega Blasta
- Rokkit Launcher

3 Killa Kans - 105pts
- Grotzooka
- Kustom Mega Blasta
- Rokkit Launcher

3 Killa Kans - 105pts
- Grotzooka
- Kustom Mega Blasta
- Rokkit Launcher

The focus of the army these little blighters. I'm not sure if the three mobz will be all armed with the same weapon or different, but as they are the ones in the box it seemed like a plan to me.

Now this leaves me with 250pts which I am not sure what to do. 
The options
Nob unit + warboss - elites certainly be useful crunching through some heavy infantry
Some kinda flyer + defence line w/ quadgun this would certainly give me some anti-air fire
Deff Koptas + nobz - deff koptas can be great fun, but can be fragile
Lootas - random amounts of random fire, though Orks really aren't know for their marksmanship

Thursday, 11 October 2012

*Insert Witty and Interesting Title Here*

So i got some free time by myself yesterday, for the first time in nearly 3 weeks

Got some photos!

My first 12 cultists (10 with CCW, 2 with guns)

My HQ's (the Apostle has since been sprayed, as has the Champion)

Some of what i've got to look forward to. Yay

I have also sprayed all my cultists and my first squad of CSM. I've also broken ground on the first of them and started his paintjob, as I want to see how it looks first.

Got my first game with the army list tomorrow night, so looking forward to seeing how well they do!
Then a tournement with my Eldar this weekend to get me into a deep 40k mood and hopefully lots of painting next week.

Until next time

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wolfshade: 'Ere we GO!

I have been invited by ALShrive to join and hopefully use this a base to get my models painted.
I am going to be running Orks rather than my beloved Blood Angels, which is going to be a bit of a challenge as I've played 0 games with them in 6th and only 3 in 5th.

As most people are using Dark Vengeance as their base, I thought I would use Assault on Black Reach so that gives me:
  • Warboss w/ Power Klaw
  • 5 Nobz
  • 20 Boyz
  • 3 Deffkoptas
They have snap fitted together and have been base coated.
In terms of colours I am not really sure where to go, I like the idea of having purple nobz, and differentiating the castes by colour, so red for boyz (so they can go fasta) purple for nobz (so I can make jokes about it) and blue for my warboss.

Next stop: Paint these guys and get some photographs up.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Chapter Approved!

Just to announce that I am informing you all that Forgeworld and Imperial Armour Units are allowed! This is about people buidling the army they want! The only restriction is that if you want to use it, you must bring the rules with you on the day! (also it must be legal to play in the size of games we are doing!)


So we've got a book now. Hooray!

I haven't managed to get any pictures of my finished cultists yet, so have been doing other things.

I have finished building and basing my first CSM squad, complete with the new aspiring champion and the GW Shoulder Pads.

I also built this guy last night!

Guy and base are finished. His feet are stuck to the base, but not to him. Means he's easier to paint, particularly underneath. Same problem occurs though, and I don't know when i'm going to spray him

I also bought my Warpsmith and Apostle. Will check them out soon hopefully!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Insurrection Begins in Earnest!

So after deciding to paint a Death Guard force Nurgle was so pleased he decided to bless me with Gastroenteritis! suffice to say until today it has hampered my urge to paint and model (although my mind has been going in overdrive!).

So today, feeling a little bit better i have finally got to the paint station and at least got 5 cultists done!! Result!! so let me present to you now the first sighting of "Sect Lymphus"......

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in Business!

I have recently been in contact with the wonderful folk of Wobbly Model Syndrome! If you don't let this light-hearted comic brighten your day twice weekly then you are truly missing out! Anyway, they have agreed to be a sponsor of sorts for our Tale of 4 Gamers and have agreed to donate a Booby Prize (that i have discussed and decided with them) to our cause! There will also be To4G Wobbly Model Syndrome Merchandise available to each competitor for a minimum charge, I will private message you all on BOLS regarding this! Exciting times dudes!

Friday, 5 October 2012

fuzzbuket finishes a IF command squad

hello :D

for once i have finished something! so eh, YAY! so here is the IF command squad that will be in my IF. View the thread to see all the pictures!

Thursday, 4 October 2012


So the chaos codex has leaked. And yes i'm weak and have found it.

I'm not touching the fluff, that can wait till I have the paper in my hand. What i've done is had a quick flick through rules. And have updated my army list!

Warpsmith, Veteran of Long War  - 115pts
Dark Apostle, Veteran of Long War, -105pts

30 Cultists, CCW and Pistol, 3 Flamers - 145pts
30 Cultists, Autoguns, 3 Hvy Stubbers, Shotgun -173pts
10 Chaos Space Marines, Melta Gun x2, Vets Long War, Icon of Vengeance, Mark of Khorne, Chain axe (Champ) - 223pts
Chaos Rhino - Dirge Caster - 40pts
10 Chaos Space Marines, VotLW, Lascannon, Gift of Mutation - 170pts

Fast Attack
Dragonboy - Bale Flamer - 170pts

3 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle, VotLW - 234pts
Forgefiend - 2 Hades Autocannon - 175pts
Forgefiend - 3 Ectoplasma Cannon  200pts

Defence Line with Quad Gun - 100pts

Totals out at 1850 exactly. Yes 1850. Cos thats what we play around here most often. So it'll need to lose 100 points for this competition. Lose the gift of mutation, chain axe, Mark of Khorne, Icon of Vengeance, Dirge Caster and you're at nearly 68 points taken off. And then I might tweak the cultist units a bit more, saving a few more...

So i have 2 big blobs squads at home, being kept solid by the Ld of the Apostle. They're protected by the wall, and the Apostle can probably use his BS on the gun. The Marines with the Lascannon sit close, to shoot enemy vehicles early, then move in one close home objectives later in the game. The other rhino carries the squad deep into the enemy half as fast as possible. With the melta guns, a CC mark and Champion and fearless they should stick around for a while.

All the while being backed up by the firebases of both Forgefiends and the Oblits, themselves kept company by the Warpsmith for repair duty.

The defence line and Dragon should help keep the skies clear, and when not smashing up aircraft the flier can toast anything short of a Terminator out of cover

Thats the plan at least. I will need to proxy and buy some stuff and give it a go at the club soon

Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Weekend and the WEATHER

So was a busy weekend just gone. Kinda got married. So didn't really do much towards my army

But the important thing is its now the 1st October! I've got a month to get my first 350 points built and painted to the To4G challenge.

Unfortunatly I live in a wonderful country called England. Its October. It never stops pissing raining. So opportunities to spray models are few and far between. Luckily, the weather has given me a brief reprieve this afternoon and i've managed to get 35 Cultists outside and sprayed.