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Saturday, 29 December 2012

woo december goals complete!

for once without endless wips and stuffs.

10 tacs and 3 bikes done this month.

the tacs are like 2 posts below, (novs failed challange is now dec's passed one :D)
3 of them.

what do you mean my gun has dissapered?! (yeah i need a new melta, it has litreally vanished)

pimp-robes of pimping (3+ pimp skill)

each bike has a auspex thing

and 2 IF hands on each bike. that took fecking years

and a personalized skull.

i like this one, very blance-esq


and thats it :D


(yeah look to my nov update for the tactical squad)

sadly these were built last month so i only get 3 painting points.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Green tide riseth

Well owing to 'phone wrangling with my service provider last month's builds never made it.

So instead here is everything built for the entire programme, though the lack of black spray has hindered the painting front.

bring me everyone!
 A squad of Nobz, these should be able to be finished off before the new year. I am not terribly enamoured with them, but they get me to my target without needing anymore models.  Still to be built is a finecast Painboy.
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 If you notice carefully, some of the boyz in this unit are from Gorka Morka
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 Yet more boyz with Transport
 These boyz have no Trukk or Nob with them so they are feeling a little left out, I am considering having theses as foot slogging shootas and pushing them up to 30 man at the cost to the aforementioned Nobz
 Loud, brash and kunning. 5 Boyz + Nob with power klaw, these should get the job done, with the Nob hunting scouting vehicles
4 Lootas + mek & Kanz!
 A squad of 4 I think is far too small and aren't in my list as it stands. Look killa kans lovely :)
5 more stormboyz
 This brings the mob up to 10 now, just need to paint them.
a modern trukk!
 This modern trukk will currently go with the boyz withouth a trukk and nob to make a total of 4.
3 Deffkoptas
Again, not in my list, but in Aobr and these were already undercoated so are now painted. I would love to push this group up to 6 or 9, but I think a squad of 3 is just too vulnerable.

It would appear for my Birthday I have been given a jet and big mek with shokk attack gun! So I might need to re-jig. Ideally, the big mekk will sit in a big squad of grotz and just fire away.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Updated the List!

Finally got around to commiting to a list change.

Cultists have moved around a bit, and changed a little bit.

Lost the Warpsmith and the Forgefiend with Plasma.

Have gained 3 bikers, a Maulerfiend and a Chaos Lord to command.

But back on topic!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back in The Saddle

Ok, so as I previously mentioned November was a pretty rough month for me. Things seem to have sorted themselves out now and my life is getting back in order. Anyway I sat down today to get some blitzing done and I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but about an hour ago it struck me. I had a realisation. Like Einstein bathing in a tub full of apples, it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I was Rushing. I was having to rush my chaos army because I was falling behind. I never started this Chaos Army to rush it, this was meant to be a pleasurable modelling experience so  it is that now that I must announce that Typhus has ordered a tactical withdrawal......

Fear not though, I am not abandoning BolsCon (in fact I may be making my life both harder and easier!). I have a back-up army that I designed to be a speed-painting exercise. Tyranids! As such I have spent the last hour digging through my cases.....

Hivefleet J├Âtnar is coming, i can hear the chittering of their carapaces now....

Thursday, 6 December 2012

November over!

Photos to follow sooner or later.

But November is over! I have painted;

Dark Apostle (105pts)
Rhino (40pts)
Dragon (170pts)
And finished the marine squad (70pts)

Total of 385 points in November!

And i've already started Decembers painting lot.

Have built, finished and painted a Maulerfiend (125pts)

And built a squad of bikers (105pts)

I've added my points for painted to the score, and given my 2 free points to Alshrive, as sympathy for his poor luck this month

Monday, 3 December 2012

fuzz's failed WIP

well i painted some cultists and spent too long procrastinating over spraypaint. i didnt get 300 pts finished but the tacs and 1 bike are almost done. (the bike needs detailed the tacs need the insignia and tidied up)

*shoots the sarge*

and thats it!

also it was snowing yesterday i want it to snow again.
thats it!

My Apologies!

My apologies for not having posted much recently. I have had a pretty shocking and unenjoyable month and have found very little time between the radiators breaking and leaking, the sink breaking and leaking and then the oven breaking (but not leaking). My Wife and I now have warmth but are getting very fed up of meals that are made entirely using the Hob or The Microwave! Hopefully December will get me back to my normal hobby filled festive self! :D

Sunday, 2 December 2012


dammit i got the spraypaint too late, painted furiously for like 2 days and the tacs+bike are only half done :(

oh well ill stick up some wips tomorrow!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I am a Dragon. Hear me Roar


Mighty Dragon. He make flames. Burn Puny marines out of cover and generally Eff stuff up.

Nearly finished this months total. Just need to finish my Apostle (which will hopefully be tonight, wife permitting). TBH he is finished above table top and over 3 colours. But i'm not quite finished with him yet.

The next week and a half I'm aiming to get the Maulerfiend  (which is in my To4G list) done as well as 4 Spawn (which aren't) for a doubles tournement soon.

Pics when I get them! The dark poor weather is making getting good ones a bit hard these days

Test post


Friday, 23 November 2012


Well I'm nearly done on this months stuff

How many people are still participating in this? Been a bit quiet round here.....

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

why fuzz should stop airbrushing cause i end up doing more freehand and...


so all my tacs (well all 3) now have little wreaths, numbers and a crux


I DONT EVEN KNOW. (or lift) (oh my 4chan are amusing)


a pair of test-tacticals. 


wreath me alone you nasty pun

and thats it :D


Monday, 12 November 2012

another 300 points built!

woo. exciting. what. well i suppose its sorta mandatory i got bored and did this. (conversions are removing SOOO many DA icons, and giving a biker a melta and converting the sarge!)
3 bikers, 10 marines

and a drop pod thats been fixed, had the icons slashed off and the doors glued shut!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

IF tacticals, sorta half done.

4 0f them. and all nearly done!

sarge: i really like how he came out, i need to do the eyes and thats it.

a bit more work on the gun and thats it. possibly some battle damage. this is the sorta TTQ im going for, not too flashy~

oh and ill add some freehand to the knees 

i love this model. also the purity seal needs done

same as above, only 4 marines are painted, i need to spray the rest but ITS SOO COLD IN SCOTLAND AND I CANT SPRAY :(

eagle freehand on the plasma cannon bit, really chuffed with this, ive not done freehand for a while :D

and thats it!

i should post more.


First in the Field

ok, so today i managed to get my army together and get a practice game in with my provisional army list (a couple of proxies [BOO!] were required) anyway I thought i might just share a my views on the units i used and what my future plans might be..

Typhus- OK, this guy is a MONSTER! he seems to able to shred through most things and just shrug off all but the worst of wounds.  for my powers i rolled Plague Wind and Weapon Virus and I have got to say I am very impressed with the discipline. Memorable Moment;  rolling a 6 for his Daemon Weapn on a turn he charged meaning he had 10 attacks! brilliant! He will be staying in the list for sure.

Cultists with Mark of Nurgle- They just sat there, not doing much. pretty much a wasted 113 points!

Plague Zombies- Brilliant tar pit unit, just sit there and occasionally take a couple of models down. well worth it. the useless Cultists mentioned above will be replaced with another unit of Zombies (provisionally i will have 2 units of 21 instead of one of 28- but more on this in a few days when i present my revised army list).

Plague Marines- to quote Boris Johnson "VERY NICE" this guys are solid and are staying. The 2 units functioned perfectly and my god can Plague Marines shrug off gets hot rolls! staying in the list, maybe tweaking but not quite decided.

Heldrake- LOVELY! the Vector Strike is amazingly useful and i must say that as a unit they have a huge psychological impact. plus the crazy flamer is brilliant and clearing out entrenched units and objectives! definitely staying!

Forgefiend- A mixed result for this guy. Love the twin autocannons, they kick out sheerly staggering amounts of fire. The additional ectoplasma cannon was only used once i think in the entire game and it proceeded to vapourise a tree three feet to the right of where i wanted it! Will give it another go before dropping it though.....

Havocs- Another beautiful unit that was cut down a bit early in this game. i just couldn't pass armour saves with these guys but it wasn't there fault.

I have received quite a bit of feedback regarding the list and have some plans for the army so within the next couple of days you will get to see my revised (and somewhat final!) army list.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

scoring update

hello, fuzz here

ive ended up adjusting the scoreboard. giving me my painting points and awarding alshrive the 2 bonus points that each competior gives every month.

Monday, 5 November 2012

First Post in November

So i'm still hanging on to my job for now, but things have got worse, but people are taking it better than I expected. So continuing on!

November was never going to be great for me. Crazy busy at work, and Halo 4. So managing to get a lot of stuff done already

I have finished the other 5 marines in the squad (no picture yet though) and have largely finished my dragon. Just need to detail him. Hes magnetised in 3 pieces to make it easier to paint and transport.

I have also started base coating my Rhino

So I November I have finished the marine squad (60points) and my dragon (175pts). The Rhino is in progress (35pts) - bringing me to 270 points. So 30 to make up (under my current list -the marine squad could change in cost). That 30 points could either be my Dark Apostle or some cultists.

Have a doubles comp in Dec that i'm taking Chaos to. So might need to be what i need for that!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

THE DROP POD HAS LANDED: fuzz's first 350 points done!

and when i say done i mean done. and that i may or may not do a little touchup work on the libby later!

*PWHOOOSH. KA KLUNK *drop pod noises*
this is exactly 350 pts and ill have more photos soon. until then:

adopted ultra deathwatch.


libby (needs a bit of tidying up but for now he is done!)
small sword syndrome.
 so WOOOOOOOOO just on time and im now like 2nd i think?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weekend over

I know i'm finished for the month, but figured i'd share what i've been working on this weekend.

My Dragons flying base....

 I know no one at To6G is being Blood Angels, but i had the piece left lying around.

I also built, magnetised and sprayed the dragon himself ready for painting! And my Rhino parts all finally arrived, and i got him built as well.

Which means I have everything i want to paint in November built and sprayed and ready to go! Good thing too cos Halo 4 is like 9 days away

Wolfie's been Painting!

Well finally getting around to painting here is the proof (that and that I can't paint):

Warboss Rotgut:
He is going to led the boyz to victory, with his fabled golden klaw of destiny.


and 1/2 a stormboyz squad to make up the quota

In December I should be getting a new phone with a better camera...

and the family photo:

3rd list in one month

Well now that the builders have left I can get to my boyz and write another list. The idea is to create a list that I can play with my existing stuff be they built or in boxes to minimise the cost as my BoLSConTo4g fund became my gearbox fund instead either way new list:

HQ - Warboss Rotgut - 125pts
Power Klaw, Twin linked Shooter, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, 'Evay Armour, Boss Pole

Troop - Nobz - 360pts
Shoota-Rokkit Combi, Waagh! Banner, 2x Power Klaw, 2x Big Choppa, 'Eavy  Armour, Pain Boy, Cyborks, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Rokkit Launcha
This is my points sink, hopefully over Christmas I can get different units to replace this one.

4x Troop - Boyz - 162pts
Nob with Power Klaw 'Eavy Armour, Boss Pole, Trukk, Red Paint Job, Rokkit Launcha

Fast - Stormboyz -165pts
Nob with Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour, Boss Pole

Fast - Bikerz - 190pts
Nob with Power Klaw, Boss Pole

Fast - Dakka Jet - 135pts
Fighta Ace, Red Paint Job, Extra Twin Linked Supa Shoota

Heavy - Killa Kans - 150pts
Grotzooka, Rokkit Launcha, Kustom Megablasta

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The End is Nigh

Hello All! hope this weekend weekend is keeping you all well! I have now finished my points for the month (after painting time this afternoon) and thought i best get some pictures uploaded! Most of these were taken yesterday evening before i got them finished but i wanted to share anyway, so enjoy!

Plague Marine Squad 1 (lacking weapons have since been added)

Cultists (have since finished the Ogryn and the back row today- will get updated pictures up soon)

Converted Cultist Champion converted with Nurgles blessing (Sculpted stomach, replaced head and sword)

Right now I have decided that for my 5 objective markers that I will be modelling each of them after the armies of my fellow competitors. First up to receive this honour is DrLove42 so allow me to present my first diorama objective marker based off of the Word Bearers, tentatively entitled "The Bearer of the Word"

"The Bearer of the Word"

A shot of the last 2 side by side.
 And finally just some nice random shots that i have taken........
one of the many "piles of delight" that one might find in my hobby chamber

this is the window-sill, complete with Back-Up Painting Station, most of a Necron Army and more!

Anyway that is me done for the day, thanks for looking!
I think this makes my thumb look abnormally long...