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DrLove42's List

My army shall rise gloriously from under the lies of the false emperor!


Sorry about that.

As a life long Xenos player i decided with the gorgeous starter box to start a new army, and make these guys power armoured. I threw around a pre-heresy army at one point. Deciding a legion was the hard part. Listed all 18 legions, ruled them out one at a time and came down to the last few. In the end I've chosen the most devout of the emperors sons - The Word Bearers

The pre or mid heresy army has fallen to the way side, ready for the next FW book, and instead takes the form of a Chaos Army.

Its going to be quite a fluffy army, with lots of cultists, a dark apostle and lots of half demon, half human.machine things. Anyone with the option to have Veterans of the Long War will have it, to show that we're not some new namby pamby renegades, but marines who fought of Calth and Terra at Horus', Lorgar's and Kor Phareon's side.


Chaos Lord - 110pts     Purchased, Mostly Built
- Plasma Pistol
- Power Sword
- Mark of Chaos
- VotLW
- Sigil of Corruption
Lord of Chaos. Good to be warlord and make some charges with the unit of cultists. Hopefully open a can of hurt when he reaches the front

Dark Apostle - 105pts   Finished!
- VotLW
Again, Fluff Reasons. Dark Apostles are generally Word Bearers, and he massivly matches the fluff with hordes of cultists. Will likely be the Warlord in the army, and used to anchor the cultist blobs

23 Cultists with CCW and Pistols - 115pts   Sprayed, 10 guys painted
- Champion
- 2 Flamers
- Mark of Khorne
Fluffy hordes! Run with the Lord and Apostle to scare people

10 Cultists with Autoguns - 67pts     Sprayed, 2 guys painted
- Champion with Shotgun
- 1 Stubbers
Just hanging out guys can handle some objectives.

10 Chaos Space Marines - 170pts   All Finished
- 2 Melta Guns
- VotLW
First of the 2 Squads of Marines to back up the Cultists. These guys use their rhino to go deep into the enemy half and worry their vehicles and their objectives.

Dedicated transport - Rhino 35pts   Finished
Its a Rhino, what do you want me to say? Its gets guys from A to B hopefully in one piece. And compared to using Venoms, its a freaking bunker of a tank...

10 Chaos Space Marines - 160pts Still need to buy
- Lascannon
- VotLW
The other marine squad. Home to mid objective holders, back up to the cultists if things get ugly and a lascannon to add to the firebase

Fast Attack - 170pts
Dragonboy - 170pts Finished
The AA response team. Good for killing fliers, and burning anything short of Terminator armour out of cover.

3 Chaos Bike - 108pts Finished
- Mark of Nurgle
- 2 Melta Guns
Fast, good for harrying the enemy and worrying some armour

Heavy - 234pts
3 Obliterators - Still need to buy
- Mark of Nurgle
- VotLW
Everyones favourite heavy choice, made better with a Mark of Nurgle to avoid being ID'd by Lascannons and Bright/Dark Lances. Can use assault cannons at a push to threaten aircraft, but mostly ground fire

Forgefiend - 175pts - Finished!
- 2 Hades Autocannons
The light tank killer. Can also threaten fliers if called on

Maulerfiend - 125pts - Finished!
Fast, hard hitting and capable of smashing into a combat in turn 1.

Defence Line 100pts - Still need to buy
- Quad Gun
Too useful to not take. Threaten fliers, outflankers and keeps the home cultists alive for longer. Good luck shifting a 27-28 man unit with a 4+ cover

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