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Fuzzbuket's List

hello :D

i am fuzz,

for this project i will be painting up some IF, because... eh, i was going to do either them or CSM and the rest of the mods bullied me so itd be 2loyalist VS 2 chaos.

eh yellow is fun to paint.

i run a blog which has the best font ever and pandas and paint and stuff!

this is also the first proper army ill have done in a while because i am not just a hobby butterfly, im like one of those 3ft tall butterflies from exotic places.

Here is my list

HQ- captain  -170pts 
-artificer armour, grenade launcher,relic blade,storm shield
-this seemed cool and the GL seems like a really powerful bit of kit!

HQ- command squad - 155 PTS
-standard bearer, company champion, meltagun, medic.
-first unit thats 99% done. built befor i made the list.

HQ- librarian -150pts 
-yes like the rest of the people here im using DV cause its cheap and looks fantastic!

ELITES- terminator squad -245pts
-assault cannon, 3 chainfists
-i like termies and DV

ELites: ven  dreadnought - 175pts

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-plasma pistol, gun and cannon. comes with a teleport homer

TROOPS - tactical squad- 215pts
-fist, meltagun, missle launcher
-i suppose i need 2 troops choices...

FAST-3 bikes -115pts
-pew pew pew pew pew
Fast: P:attack bike: 50 pts
multi melta 
HEAVY- preadator -85pts
heavy bolter sponsons.
-dakka dakka dakka. 
HEavy : preadator
 heavy bolter sponsons: 85 pts

-TRANSPORT- Drop pod (locator beacon) -45pts (command squad)
-TRANSPORT - drop pod -35pts (tactical squad)
------------1740 PTS:--------
and thats it!
: notes
added dread
swapped a vindi for a dakka pred
added attack bike

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