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Saturday, 29 December 2012

woo december goals complete!

for once without endless wips and stuffs.

10 tacs and 3 bikes done this month.

the tacs are like 2 posts below, (novs failed challange is now dec's passed one :D)
3 of them.

what do you mean my gun has dissapered?! (yeah i need a new melta, it has litreally vanished)

pimp-robes of pimping (3+ pimp skill)

each bike has a auspex thing

and 2 IF hands on each bike. that took fecking years

and a personalized skull.

i like this one, very blance-esq


and thats it :D


(yeah look to my nov update for the tactical squad)

sadly these were built last month so i only get 3 painting points.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Green tide riseth

Well owing to 'phone wrangling with my service provider last month's builds never made it.

So instead here is everything built for the entire programme, though the lack of black spray has hindered the painting front.

bring me everyone!
 A squad of Nobz, these should be able to be finished off before the new year. I am not terribly enamoured with them, but they get me to my target without needing anymore models.  Still to be built is a finecast Painboy.
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 If you notice carefully, some of the boyz in this unit are from Gorka Morka
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 Yet more boyz with Transport
 These boyz have no Trukk or Nob with them so they are feeling a little left out, I am considering having theses as foot slogging shootas and pushing them up to 30 man at the cost to the aforementioned Nobz
 Loud, brash and kunning. 5 Boyz + Nob with power klaw, these should get the job done, with the Nob hunting scouting vehicles
4 Lootas + mek & Kanz!
 A squad of 4 I think is far too small and aren't in my list as it stands. Look killa kans lovely :)
5 more stormboyz
 This brings the mob up to 10 now, just need to paint them.
a modern trukk!
 This modern trukk will currently go with the boyz withouth a trukk and nob to make a total of 4.
3 Deffkoptas
Again, not in my list, but in Aobr and these were already undercoated so are now painted. I would love to push this group up to 6 or 9, but I think a squad of 3 is just too vulnerable.

It would appear for my Birthday I have been given a jet and big mek with shokk attack gun! So I might need to re-jig. Ideally, the big mekk will sit in a big squad of grotz and just fire away.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Updated the List!

Finally got around to commiting to a list change.

Cultists have moved around a bit, and changed a little bit.

Lost the Warpsmith and the Forgefiend with Plasma.

Have gained 3 bikers, a Maulerfiend and a Chaos Lord to command.

But back on topic!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Back in The Saddle

Ok, so as I previously mentioned November was a pretty rough month for me. Things seem to have sorted themselves out now and my life is getting back in order. Anyway I sat down today to get some blitzing done and I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but about an hour ago it struck me. I had a realisation. Like Einstein bathing in a tub full of apples, it struck me like a bolt of lightning. I was Rushing. I was having to rush my chaos army because I was falling behind. I never started this Chaos Army to rush it, this was meant to be a pleasurable modelling experience so  it is that now that I must announce that Typhus has ordered a tactical withdrawal......

Fear not though, I am not abandoning BolsCon (in fact I may be making my life both harder and easier!). I have a back-up army that I designed to be a speed-painting exercise. Tyranids! As such I have spent the last hour digging through my cases.....

Hivefleet J├Âtnar is coming, i can hear the chittering of their carapaces now....

Thursday, 6 December 2012

November over!

Photos to follow sooner or later.

But November is over! I have painted;

Dark Apostle (105pts)
Rhino (40pts)
Dragon (170pts)
And finished the marine squad (70pts)

Total of 385 points in November!

And i've already started Decembers painting lot.

Have built, finished and painted a Maulerfiend (125pts)

And built a squad of bikers (105pts)

I've added my points for painted to the score, and given my 2 free points to Alshrive, as sympathy for his poor luck this month

Monday, 3 December 2012

fuzz's failed WIP

well i painted some cultists and spent too long procrastinating over spraypaint. i didnt get 300 pts finished but the tacs and 1 bike are almost done. (the bike needs detailed the tacs need the insignia and tidied up)

*shoots the sarge*

and thats it!

also it was snowing yesterday i want it to snow again.
thats it!

My Apologies!

My apologies for not having posted much recently. I have had a pretty shocking and unenjoyable month and have found very little time between the radiators breaking and leaking, the sink breaking and leaking and then the oven breaking (but not leaking). My Wife and I now have warmth but are getting very fed up of meals that are made entirely using the Hob or The Microwave! Hopefully December will get me back to my normal hobby filled festive self! :D

Sunday, 2 December 2012


dammit i got the spraypaint too late, painted furiously for like 2 days and the tacs+bike are only half done :(

oh well ill stick up some wips tomorrow!