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So the Scoring System is as follows;

Each Month for a Built 300-400 Points; 2
Each Month for a Painted 300-400 Points; 3
Warlord Painted; 1 Point
Every month, each competitor will have 2 Point they must award to another competitor (not themselves) who they feel deserves it.

Please note that I have altered the Built and Painted challenges to between 300 and 400 points. This makes it a bit easier some months and harder other months as you choose. I realised that 350 point chunks is quite hard because sometimes you just can't make the stuff total 350 points! i also wanted to make it fit people's lives. 300 should be easy to do, 400 easy enough if you have the time that month.....

At Bolscon further points can be garnered
5 Points; from the Best Painted Army (as voted by the attendees)
3 Points; For a Win in Game (this must be against another To4G competitor)
2 Points; For a Draw in Game (same as above)
1 Point; For a Loss in Game (same as above)

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