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Saturday, 29 September 2012

4th C0mpany Dark Angels - The Li0ns 0f Caliban

Hey everyone, Agent here.

I'm pretty bummed. I'm in a pre-revamped Codex feel at the moment. Don't really know what I'm doing for the army yet...

I've been running an army using the Codex: Space Marines rules, this is what I've been using:

Master Jaime - Lord of Lannsport

Relic Blade
Artificer Armour
Hellfire Rounds
165 points

Brother Tyrion

Codex Powers
Null Zone
150 points

Tactical Squad Kohl (10)

Plasma Gun
Plasma Cannon
Sergeant has Plasma Pistol with Melta Bombs
Drop Pod
225 points

Tactical Squad Asteron (10)

Missile Launcher
Sergeant with Power Fist 
Drop Pod
230 points

Terminator Squad Calibos (5)

Assault Cannon
2 Chainfists
240 points

Bike Squad Elyas (5)

Sergeant has Plasma Pistol
Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
170 points

Stormtalon "Lion's Roar"

Skyhammer Missiles
155 points

Stormtalon "Pride of Caliban"

Skyhammer Missiles
155 points

Land Raider "Angel's Fury"

260 points

1750 points

Look familiar? Yeah... It's the one from my blog! Dual-purpose army for the win!! :D

(Army subject to massive changes)

Agent out.

ALShrive; Saturday Update

So I am sat around with some free time this afternoon (in reality my wife has nabbed the ps3 so i won't be getting it any time soon!) and thought it was about time that I uploaded a few pictures.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Fuzzbuket: hi and heres a list :D

hello :D this is my first post here so eh.. im fuzz, i run a blog which is amazing and all that, i play lots of video games and i can normally be found in the darkest depths of reddit and the bols lounge :D

for my first post here im just going to post up V1 of the army list! (note: i rarely play 40k, im more of a painter so this is  a list of convenice, fun  and i want tanks so ill have tanks)

ALShrive: A Quick Update for you

So last night was the first night i got a proper chance to start work on my force (the wife decided to steal the TV remote!) and here is what i managed to accomplish-

Thursday, 27 September 2012

“Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood.”

Never one to shy away from a Challenge I have decided to provisonally put together an army list without the codex too! I, however, am not guessing at points costs. I am simply putting in the things i wish to include and hopefully it will total near 1750 (or preferably under to allow more goodies!)
So let me present my list:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rough army list....week and a half before the codex is even out!

So I'm going to double post, but i've got excited about this and have started planning already

So I've worked out a rough list, using a mixture of rumours and the WD battle report army list.

Warpsmith - 110pts
Dark Apostle -105pts

30 Cultists, CCW and Pistol, 3 Flamers - 150pts
30 Cultists, Autoguns, 3 Hvy Stubbers -182pts
10 Chaos Space Marines - 130pts
10 Chaos Space Marines - 130pts

Fast Attack
Dragonboy - Dakkagun - 170pts (is the cost for one with a flamer according to WD)

3 Obliterators
Forgefiend - Dakkaguns 175?
Forgefiend - 3 Ectoguns 200pts

Defence Line with Quad Gun - 100pts

Leaves 88 points (assuming rumours and maths is true). This would get spread around on wargear, squad leaders, maybe a rhino for one of the squads, marks etc. Without even seeing the codex it looks pretty decent to me

Here we go...

Figured I'd take the plunge and be the first to post something on the front page. My progress so far, as the last post says is 4 cultists painted (its now actually 5!)

Just need to wait for the codex to come out so I can start planning a real army!
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Those involved So Far Are

Name: ALShrive (Aaron Shrive)
Army: Death Guard/Nurgle CSM
Current Progress: A Few Pieces of Plastic on A Sprue

Name: The Agent
Army: Dark Angels
Current Progress: Everything owned is built and sprayed

Name: DrLove42
Army: Chaos Space Marines
Current Progress: 4 Painted Cultists!

Name: Fuzzbuket
Army: ?????????
Current Progress: ?????????

Name: Night System
Army: Angels of Redemption
Current Progress: A pre-existing army, adding a new contingent for To4G

Further updates to follow