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Saturday, 29 December 2012

woo december goals complete!

for once without endless wips and stuffs.

10 tacs and 3 bikes done this month.

the tacs are like 2 posts below, (novs failed challange is now dec's passed one :D)
3 of them.

what do you mean my gun has dissapered?! (yeah i need a new melta, it has litreally vanished)

pimp-robes of pimping (3+ pimp skill)

each bike has a auspex thing

and 2 IF hands on each bike. that took fecking years

and a personalized skull.

i like this one, very blance-esq


and thats it :D


(yeah look to my nov update for the tactical squad)

sadly these were built last month so i only get 3 painting points.

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