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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Green tide riseth

Well owing to 'phone wrangling with my service provider last month's builds never made it.

So instead here is everything built for the entire programme, though the lack of black spray has hindered the painting front.

bring me everyone!
 A squad of Nobz, these should be able to be finished off before the new year. I am not terribly enamoured with them, but they get me to my target without needing anymore models.  Still to be built is a finecast Painboy.
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 If you notice carefully, some of the boyz in this unit are from Gorka Morka
11 Boyz, Nob & Trukk
 Yet more boyz with Transport
 These boyz have no Trukk or Nob with them so they are feeling a little left out, I am considering having theses as foot slogging shootas and pushing them up to 30 man at the cost to the aforementioned Nobz
 Loud, brash and kunning. 5 Boyz + Nob with power klaw, these should get the job done, with the Nob hunting scouting vehicles
4 Lootas + mek & Kanz!
 A squad of 4 I think is far too small and aren't in my list as it stands. Look killa kans lovely :)
5 more stormboyz
 This brings the mob up to 10 now, just need to paint them.
a modern trukk!
 This modern trukk will currently go with the boyz withouth a trukk and nob to make a total of 4.
3 Deffkoptas
Again, not in my list, but in Aobr and these were already undercoated so are now painted. I would love to push this group up to 6 or 9, but I think a squad of 3 is just too vulnerable.

It would appear for my Birthday I have been given a jet and big mek with shokk attack gun! So I might need to re-jig. Ideally, the big mekk will sit in a big squad of grotz and just fire away.

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