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Saturday, 10 November 2012

First in the Field

ok, so today i managed to get my army together and get a practice game in with my provisional army list (a couple of proxies [BOO!] were required) anyway I thought i might just share a my views on the units i used and what my future plans might be..

Typhus- OK, this guy is a MONSTER! he seems to able to shred through most things and just shrug off all but the worst of wounds.  for my powers i rolled Plague Wind and Weapon Virus and I have got to say I am very impressed with the discipline. Memorable Moment;  rolling a 6 for his Daemon Weapn on a turn he charged meaning he had 10 attacks! brilliant! He will be staying in the list for sure.

Cultists with Mark of Nurgle- They just sat there, not doing much. pretty much a wasted 113 points!

Plague Zombies- Brilliant tar pit unit, just sit there and occasionally take a couple of models down. well worth it. the useless Cultists mentioned above will be replaced with another unit of Zombies (provisionally i will have 2 units of 21 instead of one of 28- but more on this in a few days when i present my revised army list).

Plague Marines- to quote Boris Johnson "VERY NICE" this guys are solid and are staying. The 2 units functioned perfectly and my god can Plague Marines shrug off gets hot rolls! staying in the list, maybe tweaking but not quite decided.

Heldrake- LOVELY! the Vector Strike is amazingly useful and i must say that as a unit they have a huge psychological impact. plus the crazy flamer is brilliant and clearing out entrenched units and objectives! definitely staying!

Forgefiend- A mixed result for this guy. Love the twin autocannons, they kick out sheerly staggering amounts of fire. The additional ectoplasma cannon was only used once i think in the entire game and it proceeded to vapourise a tree three feet to the right of where i wanted it! Will give it another go before dropping it though.....

Havocs- Another beautiful unit that was cut down a bit early in this game. i just couldn't pass armour saves with these guys but it wasn't there fault.

I have received quite a bit of feedback regarding the list and have some plans for the army so within the next couple of days you will get to see my revised (and somewhat final!) army list.

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