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Monday, 5 November 2012

First Post in November

So i'm still hanging on to my job for now, but things have got worse, but people are taking it better than I expected. So continuing on!

November was never going to be great for me. Crazy busy at work, and Halo 4. So managing to get a lot of stuff done already

I have finished the other 5 marines in the squad (no picture yet though) and have largely finished my dragon. Just need to detail him. Hes magnetised in 3 pieces to make it easier to paint and transport.

I have also started base coating my Rhino

So I November I have finished the marine squad (60points) and my dragon (175pts). The Rhino is in progress (35pts) - bringing me to 270 points. So 30 to make up (under my current list -the marine squad could change in cost). That 30 points could either be my Dark Apostle or some cultists.

Have a doubles comp in Dec that i'm taking Chaos to. So might need to be what i need for that!

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