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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The End is Nigh

Hello All! hope this weekend weekend is keeping you all well! I have now finished my points for the month (after painting time this afternoon) and thought i best get some pictures uploaded! Most of these were taken yesterday evening before i got them finished but i wanted to share anyway, so enjoy!

Plague Marine Squad 1 (lacking weapons have since been added)

Cultists (have since finished the Ogryn and the back row today- will get updated pictures up soon)

Converted Cultist Champion converted with Nurgles blessing (Sculpted stomach, replaced head and sword)

Right now I have decided that for my 5 objective markers that I will be modelling each of them after the armies of my fellow competitors. First up to receive this honour is DrLove42 so allow me to present my first diorama objective marker based off of the Word Bearers, tentatively entitled "The Bearer of the Word"

"The Bearer of the Word"

A shot of the last 2 side by side.
 And finally just some nice random shots that i have taken........
one of the many "piles of delight" that one might find in my hobby chamber

this is the window-sill, complete with Back-Up Painting Station, most of a Necron Army and more!

Anyway that is me done for the day, thanks for looking!
I think this makes my thumb look abnormally long...


  1. wooo!

    great job! i love the ogryn!

    also do we have to do objective markers?!

  2. i tend to do objective markers for each and every army i do because you always need them for gaming, i was going to add bonus points for objective markers, 1 pt for an objective marker, max of 5. as simple or elaborate as you desire. what you think? how are your Imperial Fists coming on?

  3. ah cool :D

    the IF are coming on well. the CS+pod is done, the libby is almost done and ive even started on next months tacticals! airbrushing is really diffrent and weird compared to normal painting though. and they are a lot harder to use than youd think :l