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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Here we go...

Figured I'd take the plunge and be the first to post something on the front page. My progress so far, as the last post says is 4 cultists painted (its now actually 5!)

Just need to wait for the codex to come out so I can start planning a real army!


  1. I would like to announce that as the first post of any merit i have awared DrLove42 a 3 point bonus! the rest of us best get cracking!

  2. They are looking really good, I like the detail for the fact you are going I end up painting tons of the buggers :)

  3. @ Night System: If he can keep that level of detail up over all the blighters (No pun intended. But AWESOME!).

    Do I get points for the pun?

  4. I don't batch paint. Each guy is done one at a time, means I can keep the detail up