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Saturday, 29 September 2012

4th C0mpany Dark Angels - The Li0ns 0f Caliban

Hey everyone, Agent here.

I'm pretty bummed. I'm in a pre-revamped Codex feel at the moment. Don't really know what I'm doing for the army yet...

I've been running an army using the Codex: Space Marines rules, this is what I've been using:

Master Jaime - Lord of Lannsport

Relic Blade
Artificer Armour
Hellfire Rounds
165 points

Brother Tyrion

Codex Powers
Null Zone
150 points

Tactical Squad Kohl (10)

Plasma Gun
Plasma Cannon
Sergeant has Plasma Pistol with Melta Bombs
Drop Pod
225 points

Tactical Squad Asteron (10)

Missile Launcher
Sergeant with Power Fist 
Drop Pod
230 points

Terminator Squad Calibos (5)

Assault Cannon
2 Chainfists
240 points

Bike Squad Elyas (5)

Sergeant has Plasma Pistol
Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
170 points

Stormtalon "Lion's Roar"

Skyhammer Missiles
155 points

Stormtalon "Pride of Caliban"

Skyhammer Missiles
155 points

Land Raider "Angel's Fury"

260 points

1750 points

Look familiar? Yeah... It's the one from my blog! Dual-purpose army for the win!! :D

(Army subject to massive changes)

Agent out.

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