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Friday, 28 September 2012

ALShrive: A Quick Update for you

So last night was the first night i got a proper chance to start work on my force (the wife decided to steal the TV remote!) and here is what i managed to accomplish-

  • Built all cultists from Dark Vengeance
  • Nurglified my Hellbrute (distended stomach, pustules, spikes rupturing through armour etc)
  • Raided my Forgeworld Bitz Box and found the following
    • Ogryn Berzerker Boss (who is being built to go into the CCW cultist unit to count as 3!)
    • Parts for 20 Forgeworld Renegades (more cultists!) including plasma gun and meltagun (i do not know about availability in the Codex yet for them though). At the same time i found a bag containing about 50 pairs of Cadian Legs so all sorted there then

This means my force is finally started and I will soon have some more models to reinforce it. I have ordered a Death Guard Conversion Kit from FW along with their model of Necrosius who will be used as either a Sorcerer or a Dark Apostle (or as Necrosius if they keep his rules how they are!).

Unfortunately I will get nothing done tonight as I am going to a quiz night at the local Catholic school to support them. Tomorrow i am ordering a new Sofa but after that i have all day free until the In-Laws come to dinner! Hopefully by the end of the weekend i will get some pictures uploaded so you can see the progress.


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