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Saturday, 29 September 2012

ALShrive; Saturday Update

So I am sat around with some free time this afternoon (in reality my wife has nabbed the ps3 so i won't be getting it any time soon!) and thought it was about time that I uploaded a few pictures.

I have found it very enjoyable over the last couple of days to start producing ideas for my army and deciding how i want the overall feel and look of it as a force. I would also like to point out that I love variety in my armies and love adding in pieces of Forgeworld amongst my army, as you will see below.

Cultist Unit 1- Close Combat Cultist- including 2 Forgeworld Renegade Ogryns
So, this unit includes a couple of the Forgeworld Renegade Ogryns (each of these counting as 3 cultists- with opponents permission) allowing for quick removal of multiple casualties and adding a bit of variety into the unit.

Close up showing sculpted stomach detail
 Unfortunately the camera doesn't really show it that well but i have sculpted a mutated chest onto the Hellbrute (i took inspiration from the New Plaguebearers- specifically the one with a maw in it's stomach.

Hellbrute "Lupus Festerpox"
This second photo is just to show the Hellbrute in full. Some of the details cannot be seen however the one i quite like is the three horns bursting out of it's right shoulder compelte with nicely decomposing corpse! I also stuck a spare Nurgling on the base just to emphasize the Nurgleness (is that a real word?!)

Hopefully i will get some more free time tomorrow to actually get some of these undercoated and then i can dig out my paint brush and actually make a start at this batch of models (the 2 units of Cultist and Hellbrute are my first 350 points to be painted in October), followed by my 2 HQ choices (Typhus and Necrosius) in November so in 2 months i will have a fully legal and playable force of 700 points!

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  1. well cool :D i must say that the belly is particuarly well sculpted!