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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rough army list....week and a half before the codex is even out!

So I'm going to double post, but i've got excited about this and have started planning already

So I've worked out a rough list, using a mixture of rumours and the WD battle report army list.

Warpsmith - 110pts
Dark Apostle -105pts

30 Cultists, CCW and Pistol, 3 Flamers - 150pts
30 Cultists, Autoguns, 3 Hvy Stubbers -182pts
10 Chaos Space Marines - 130pts
10 Chaos Space Marines - 130pts

Fast Attack
Dragonboy - Dakkagun - 170pts (is the cost for one with a flamer according to WD)

3 Obliterators
Forgefiend - Dakkaguns 175?
Forgefiend - 3 Ectoguns 200pts

Defence Line with Quad Gun - 100pts

Leaves 88 points (assuming rumours and maths is true). This would get spread around on wargear, squad leaders, maybe a rhino for one of the squads, marks etc. Without even seeing the codex it looks pretty decent to me

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