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Monday, 1 October 2012

Busy Weekend and the WEATHER

So was a busy weekend just gone. Kinda got married. So didn't really do much towards my army

But the important thing is its now the 1st October! I've got a month to get my first 350 points built and painted to the To4G challenge.

Unfortunatly I live in a wonderful country called England. Its October. It never stops pissing raining. So opportunities to spray models are few and far between. Luckily, the weather has given me a brief reprieve this afternoon and i've managed to get 35 Cultists outside and sprayed.

I also picked up another starter box last week to bring my cultist numbers up to 60. They're waiting on me to build them now. I also bought my first box of CSM, and have mostly built 1. Have just ordered theWord Bearer Shoulder Pads off to get the guys in the right mood.

And most importantly ...Our codex is out in less than a week. I'm looking forward to getting it and building a proper army list.

So to summarise progress so far;

5 Cultists Completed
35 Cultists Sprayed, awaiting painting
1 Chaos Marine, awaiting Shoulder Pads
9 CSM and 20 more cultists awaiting construction.

Points fully painted - Probably around 22.
Points Assembled but incomplete - Around 150.


  1. Congratulations on the Marriage! I wish you a life time of Happiness! Also i think you are winning on the who actually has the most for their army side of things!

  2. you got married?! woo congrats!