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Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Insurrection Begins in Earnest!

So after deciding to paint a Death Guard force Nurgle was so pleased he decided to bless me with Gastroenteritis! suffice to say until today it has hampered my urge to paint and model (although my mind has been going in overdrive!).

So today, feeling a little bit better i have finally got to the paint station and at least got 5 cultists done!! Result!! so let me present to you now the first sighting of "Sect Lymphus"......

Heavy Stubber of Squad Lymphus

Group Shot of Sect Lymphus

Random Member of Sect Lymphus

Just a quick note that what look like Puddles on the base will be some nice Nurgley Necrotic Ooze when it has finished curing (it is a mixture of GW Water Effect and Biel-Tan Green). These models are all to a basic standard and if i have time towards the end of the Tale of Gamers i will be going back to do an additional highlight on them all (if i can ever bring myself to touch the cultists again after i actually finish them!)

I also managed to get quite a bit of work done on the Hellbrute today and will get pictures of the progress up over the next few days. All in all I am quite happy with how things are coming on. After managing to get these guys done in 4 hours this afternoon i have managed to get my head around how i can apply this and do them in batches (these were practically done individually!) and i will be working on another 10 of them through the week. I am not doing the unit champion at present as i am gestating several ideas (and a musical) for a new more suitably Nurgle unit champion.... more to come soon guys!


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