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Friday, 5 October 2012

fuzzbuket finishes a IF command squad

hello :D

for once i have finished something! so eh, YAY! so here is the IF command squad that will be in my IF. View the thread to see all the pictures!

pre-flock. squad photo,

pew pew pew

i really like this mini :D 

no its not the camera thats a sword from a GKT. which means its big, very big. like the size of the actual marine :P

i do love how the face came out on this one! shame about the fact that my worn out brush couldnt do the eyes :(

THERE (there on the stair right there!)

airbrushed.  with artists inks. not making that (expensive) mistake again!
(shamelessly ripped from my blog ;p)
(this also means im the first person with a finished unit ) (there was a tiny amount of progress on this befor T04G started but meh!)


p.s. is everyone using dark vengance as a base for their army :P hahaha

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