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Friday, 19 October 2012

Doc Oct Mid Report

So got another week or so left in October.

Have my 3-400 points for the month drawn up;

10 Cultists - 50pts.
Forgefiend - 175pts.
5 CSM - 75pts
Total of 300 points
So i'm only just making quota this month but its been a busy and crazy month with little time to paint.

Of these 3 things, all are now built and are in various stages of painting

The Cultists for the month - Finished!

The Forgefiend - In progress!

And the CSM - All built, 2 started painting to work out colour scheme.

 So hopefully with some time over this weekend (assuming I can stay away from XCOM long enough) some more should be finished, and all done by the end of the month

In November I aim to paint my Warlord (Apostle - 105pts), the rest of the chaos marines (95pts) and my dragon (170pts) giving me my 370 points for the month. And since November is going to be dominated by Halo4 for me, keeping the model count down will help me reach the goal

In December I aim to do the Rhino (35pts), the rest of the CCW cultists (82pts), defence line and gun (100pts) and the Slaughterfiend (125pts). Giving me 342 in December. (I have lots of time off in December thanks to work).

In January i aim to buy a Battleforce box. Gving me my other squad of CSM (170pts), a unit of Bikers (100pts) and more cultists (???)

This leaves me in February to do the Obliterators, any remaingin cultists and whatever the leftover points go on.

This is only a rough plan, so may change. But hopefully its a good guide for what I intend on doing

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