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Monday, 15 October 2012

After the first game....list changes

So I had my first game with my list on Friday.

Cultists - alright, didn't do much. Hosed down some Orks, held their objectives
Oblits - Good job, but deployed them wrong. Never saw much action
Marines - The front squad (with MoK) did awesome in combat. As it was 1850 they all had 2 CCW's. Got charged by 20 Orks, killed all but 2
Forgefiends - Dakka One did pretty well, plasma one didn't.
Apostle - I forgot half his rules, and he never did much anyway

A few things I think i'll be changing

- Losing the Warpsmith. He was less than impressive. There are better things to spend 100 on.
- Plasma Cannon Fiend is gone. Going to try the CC one
- Going to give me about 180 points to spend - Squad of bikers, mix up the marine squads, give them 2 CCWs


  1. I would possibly recommend replacing the Warpsmith with a Sorcerer (maybe mastery level 2) as this would add some Psychic offence into the force and give you a solid character to lead a unit of CSM.

  2. I've got 190 points to spend.

    I can get a good biker squad for just shy of 100, leaves me with 90 to spend. Sorceror is probably a good call.

    60 points base, 30 to spend on beefing him up. Can also shave a few cultists to make space for some stuff.

    Need to try and find 20 or so points for CCW's on the Marines.

    Having to choose between gaming power and fluffyness is hard :P